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Life of Faith
Life of Faith


A R T I S T: N E A L P A R R O W

I attend a vibrant church called Reality Carpinteria, pastored by Britt Merrick, a popular surfing-world icon, turned bible teacher. Recently, Britt had asked me to produce ten paintings, one per week, to accompany an excellent sermon series called Life of Faith from Hebrews 11. His sermons focused on the heroes of faith, each of their lives' noble attributes and how we may apply them to our own journey. (One can download and see or hear the podcast @ )
I enjoyed this assignment immensely. It became challenging to produce these paintings with the one-per week time constraint. They needed to be large and vivid enough to be seen from the back rows of the church and also, hopefully biblically sound. The canvases turned out to be about 8.5 tall x 3.5 feet wide.

Some folks inquired if there would be prints made available of that work; thus ensued the birthing of this website.