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Special thanks also to Britt Merrick for his great leadership, fervent teaching, insight and wisdom.

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Jesus Christ.

A r t i s t: N E A L P A R R O W

At approximately five years old, my mother began to show me pictures of Michelangelo's work from the pages of the 1965 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia. Recalling how much we enjoyed looking at those works of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's iconic depictions of God and Man have created indelible memories. Other Renaissance Era favorites were DaVinci, Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

After art school, my work consisted mostly of commercial art, illustrating storyboards and comps for the entertainment industry. My painting in those years became recreational not vocational. Romantic subject matters were my passion; people, landscapes, animals and architecture. However, the weightiness of biblical subject matter began to offer more satisfaction than others; not only because the stories were great and withstood the test of time, but because these subject matters depicted the spirit and the soul rather than just the topical. From the pages of the New Testament, Jesus Christ emerges as the greatest hero of all time; passionate, compassionate, powerful, incomprehensibly humble and throwing out zinger lines, such as, "Before Abraham, I am."

With time spent reading the scriptures, their depth, truth, and insight become evident. Within those pages lie absolute answers to the most basic questions of mankind: who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. God is in control. He and those who believe in Him win in the end. Death has no sting.

There are lists of many of the founding fathers of science, who made statements declaring the bible to be the authentic truth. Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Galileo to name a few. We may rightfully consider ourselves among the intelligent in the belief that the bible is the very word of God. From the beginning to end the bible points to the Creator of heaven and earth, and the One who receives all honor and glory for it,